Feb 102013

Looking in my fridge today I found a box of mascarpone lying unused on the shelf, so a wonderful idea striked me to combine the reach creamy mascarpone with my favourite raspberries.You can achieve an amazing blend and rich creaminess when you mix the yolk cream with the mascarpone, which combined with the juicy and sour raspberries bring the taste up to heaven. Finally attach of fresh basil and raw almonds makes it hole.If you want to enjoy this delicious desert here are the ingredients:

250 g mascarpone

4 egg yolks from organic eggs

4-5 tbsp caster sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla beans

100 g fresh raspberries

fresh basil leaves, a few raw almonds

Add the sugar to the egg yolks and beat them until creamy. The colour of the mixture should be light yellow. Add mascarpone and vanilla beans to the yolk cream and mix them until the ingredient are homogenized. In a glasses or a bowls put one layer of the cream first and then a layer of raspberries and then follow this order depending on the number of the layers you want to add up  but bear in mind  the top layer should be of raspberries. At last decorate with almonds and fresh basil. Enjoy it!

Why don’t you try this dessert on Valentine’s Day, I’m sure your boyfriend will be fascinated. xx

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