Serpentine Gallery Pavilions

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Jul 172012

One of the many places to visit when you are in London, definitely would be Serpentine Gallery in Kensignton Gardens just next to the Hyde park. Each summer there is a project of a pavilion commissioned to one of the biggest names amongst all architects in the world. The project must take 6 months from scratch to completion. The first one dates back in 2000 and we are showing you now this year’s pavilion made by Herzog&Meuron and Ai Weiwei. The pavilion’s interior is clad in cork – a natural material with great haptic and olfactory qualities and the versatility to be carved, cut, shaped and formed. Here what they say about their structure:

“Our path to an alternative solution involves digging down some five feet into the soil of the park until we reach the groundwater. There we dig a waterhole, a kind of well, to collect all of the London rain that falls in the area of the Pavilion. In that way we incorporate an otherwise invisible aspect of reality in the park – the water under the ground – into our Pavilion.”

In few consecutive post we are going to add the rest 11 pavilions.

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