Halloween cupcakes

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Oct 112010

There is Halloween comming up and for those of you tendind to “play” in their kitchens I’ve prepared a collection of scarry decorated cupcakes. At the shops in Bulgaria there is hard to find kandy decoration sets that’s why you could make some by yourself. Regarding the recipes they could be varoius  – chocolatte, vanilla, stawberry and pumkin of course – it is your decision.


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Halloween Decorating Ideas

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Oct 302009

There are only few days left to the Halloween or All Saints as it is more popular in Bulgaria. The celebration is held in the night of October 31 . Its roots come from an ancient Celtic custom – on this day they believed the harmful spirits of  the dead climb down to the Earth in order to celebrate in the bodies of the alive. It is believed that the need to ward off harmful spirits led to the wearing of costumes and masks. People left food and candies outside their homes to satisfy the spirits appetite and  not to be tempted to enter their houses.

Today Halloween is considered mostly as an American holiday but it becomes more popular all around the world each year. The celebration is always connected with wearing costumes, decorating home and garden with ghosts, witches, bats, skulls and other scary creatures, preparing of sweets and candies and making the famous pumpkin lanterns of course. halloween-01

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