Decorate – a new book by Holly Becker

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Apr 142011

For those of you who are regularly monitoring blogs for decoration, the word decor8 certainly cause pleasant feelings – this is one of the oldest and best blogs on the entire network, a source of inspiration for about 35 000 people every day. The reason to write about them is not so much to introduce the blog itself, as to note one important for them and in particular for its creator, Holly Becker event – the premiere of her book Decorate. The date is 04/13/2011, and place one of the halls in the iconic store Liberty in the heart of London (which will tomorrow write in more detail). Event that we had the good fortune to attend, began with a meeting of the 35 priorly enrolled participants who were able to talk to her within 30 minutes. It was then a showcase of decorating a holiday table with DIY materials, you will be able to see detailed pictures on their blog in a few days. Finally started signing the books by the author.

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