Amy Butler’s Handcrafted Rugs for Chandra

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Nov 032009

Amy Butler is a fabric, home, fashion, and print designer who started her career making small passport sized bags while living in Kansas City in the late 80’s. She and her husband moved to Ohio in 1992 and founded a little Art of the Midwest studio with about $1,200. Amy started creating surface designs for friends. She gets inspired by everything her surroundings, her friends, her family, nature, and the rich textures of everyday life. She loves traveling abroad to find inspiration in all cultures. Amy’s growing brand has become synonymous with creativity, sustainability, quality and great style.amy-butler-fall-09

With spirited color and confident combinations of print, Amy has created a freshened view of the many product brands which she now designs for – fabrics, patterns, papers, handbags, design and project books, and home décor products.
She now has a constantly growing circle of helpers including her husband David who designs her products packaging. He takes all the beautiful photos, designs the logos and the website as well. Continue reading »