Home made geen cleaning spray

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Sep 062012

Here’s how some people solve the problem of the use of chemicals in cleaning products. Ann from Fountain Avenue Kitchen decided to test the power of vinegar as a cleaning agent, but has improved recipe by adding the peel of 2 oranges and leaving the mixture to sit for 2 weeks in a 500ml jar and then transferd into a bottle with a pump. The result, according to her is “sweet smelling success” and comparable, if not better of using chemical sprays. This is confirmed by her blog readers comments and they even share new ideas foradding  grated lemon peel and cloves.


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Recipes for food made of … leftovers

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Aug 302012

A cookery book featuring winning recipes from residents and restaurants across North London has been produced as a result of a recipe competition to showcase a range of tasty meals and snacks made from leftovers.
The cookbook gives leftovers such as old pasta, stale bread and even old tea bags a new lease of life as they are transformed into a series of starters, mains and desserts by 26 budding chefs from across North London.
To reduce food waste, Haringey Council along with other North London organisations are running a campaign called ‘Love Food Hate Waste’. The campaign includes roadshows, workshops, online food waste diaries, local advertising and competitions. The aim of this campaign is to reduce around 9,000 tonnes of food waste.


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Summer look

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Aug 242012

Spent the weekend in Portsmouth with my lovely boys. Finally the weather in UK was sunny and hot so I was wearing my favourite maxi dress. The dress is not only comfortable but the colors definitely scream “summeeeeeer”

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On-line tools for choosing your own colour scheme

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Aug 232012

Everyone happened to fall into the dilemma of choosing the color of the room, furniture, textiles for home styling. Even more difficult is when you need to combine several colors in the correct proportions to have a corresponding effect and do not irritate the eye. New technologies for the production of materials make the task virtually impossible for someone who hasn’t at least small experience in combining numerous patterns, colors, veneers, paints and coatings. Therefore, even designers nowadays tend to the use of applications that offer color combinations based on a set color and choice of one of the basic rules for combining colors:

Monochromatic scheme – using darker and lighter shades of the selected color adding black or white to it;

monochromatic colour scheme


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Aug 202012

Porthsmouth is a beautiful city on the South coast of Great Britain where you can spend some really nice and pleasant time. Some of the places to visit – Charles Dickens’ Birthplace MuseumD-day museum, Historic docs, Southsea castlePortsmouth city museumAspex galleryBluereef aquaruimSinnaker tower and for the shopping maniacs – Gunwharf-quays shopping centre. There are few mixed sand and rubble beaches, entertainment park for kids and adults along the coast and a huge lawn for a picnic. Isle of Wight is a stone throw away and regular ferry and hovercraft lines are operating. It is a famous touristic and holiday destination and the famous Isle of Wight festival is taking place every year. Here are some photos you are not going to see in the touristic websites and brochures

Portsmouth Sinnaker tower

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Carnaby street Puma store in London

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Aug 132012

That’s how Puma has prapared to promote the new Jamaica dedicated collection which coinsides with the 50 Anniversary of the country’s independense and with the foror Caribean atlets arose.


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London 2012 – Olympic Medals Design

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Aug 042012

The medals have been designed by David Watkins, an established artist in the field of decorative art, whose work was choosen amongst the designs submitted by over 100 artists, and are in production at the Royal Mint headquarters in Llantrisant, South Wales.


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