Oct 232009

The National Academy of Art in Sofia organizes an international digital arts festival, to be held at the academy’s main building ftom 26 to 30 October 2009. poster_b-b-520

The festival programme consists of five days of performances, screenings, workshops, lectures and includes an exhibition. Taking part in the pilot edition of the festival will be artists, media activists and academics from nine countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and the USA). A variety of projects and practices in the field of digital film and video, sound-art, net-art, multimedia performances, installations and other inter-disciplinary forms, will be presented.

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Birdhouse by Vlaemsch

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Oct 202009

This birdhouse by Vlaemsch was designed to attract birds to the balcony and thus stand out from all the piled up apartments with the same windows, same walls, same balconies. It provides a home for birds with branches to perch on. The uniform balcony is transformed into a lookout for bird-watchers. Birdhouse is an invitation to the city’s birds to nest close to one’s window.birdhouse-vlaemsch

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Pine cones with tang of wood!

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Oct 192009

Unique hand made pine cones made in dupioni silk or heathered wool. The pine cones bring the smell of fresh pine wood and remind about upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. The new holiday collection you can find on Stephanie Congdon Barnes e-shop, but hurry up – there is a big interest but the quantity are limited!


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The Kitchen – a place for creativity

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Oct 102009

Your kitchen should not look as a place for the daily routines only , but as a real art studio making your imagination to fly. That’s why the kitchen should be spacious, well arranged and in pleasant colors and not to suppress your creative potential. white-purple-kitchen

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Miryana Koinova – Isn’t the Creation the greatest piece of art?

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Oct 052009

Miryana Koinova is a positive and magnetic young Bulgarian painter, born on the 22nd of December 1984 in the town of Dobrich. She spent her childhood in Krasen village near to Romanian border where she shaped her attitude and feeling to world and life. At the moment Miryana is working as a pedagogue and teacher in arts and ethics in the primary Bulgarian culture school “King Simeon I” in Sladka Voda village near Varna, Bulgaria.


When were you first interested in the art?

My affinity to the arts comes from my two grandmothers – one was tailor and the other weaver.

How did you start painting?

My elder sister is a painter too and I’ve always admired her works. When I was a small girl my mother used to take me to different kind of schools till she found my talent and helped me to develop it.

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Microban – antibacterial protection for your towels!

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Sep 272009

Microban® technology is built-in to products to provide a continuous antimicrobial protection. Microban protection can be found in hundreds of consumer, industrial and medical products around the world. It is used in the manufactory of sanitary and cleaning materials, medical equipment, cosmetics, construction materials, home products, kitchen utensils, textile, garments, shoes and many others. During manufacturing, organic and non-organic substances are added to the basic materials, which gives the antimicrobial properties of the end products. Microban efficiency have been proven by many laboratory tests in Europe and around the world.

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Feng Shui home tips

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Sep 112009

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy, which believes that the positioning and physical characteristics of a home affect the fortunes of the owner. By changing your furniture, colors and object positions Feng Shui can affect how energy flows through your home or garden and thus help you to achieve more prosperity, better health, and happiness by .  Here are some easy to do tips for your home:


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How to apply wall stickers

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Aug 302009

If this is your first time applying wall stickers you are most likely a bit hesitant about your skills. We promise you that after this short lesson you will be able to successfully apply even a big sticker and if you are still not confident you will 100% do it using one of your friends help. Decorbox stickers are delivered to you ready to apply packed with plastic squeegee. They are also covered with semitransparent transfer paper which helps you to put the whole sticker on the wall without risking to rumple and damage it and keeping its surface clean at the same time. Our stickers can be applied to different surfaces like smooth walls, glass, mirrors, metal, wood, flat furniture,

how apply wall stickers1. Before placing the sticker on wall or any other surface make sure there is no dust or other dirt. Remove any small unevenness, clean it with a damp cloth and leave it to dry.

* If your walls are freshly painted it is a good idea to wait at least two weeks before applying any stickers

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Your opinions and suggestions about decorbox.bg

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Jul 092009

Hello, here you can share your opinion about the e-shop and blog of decorbox.bg. No matter positive or negative we would appreciate all your feedback. This is the only way for us to improve our work and respectively our service towards you which is our main goal.

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