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If this is your first time applying wall stickers you are most likely a bit hesitant about your skills. We promise you that after this short lesson you will be able to successfully apply even a big sticker and if you are still not confident you will 100% do it using one of your friends help. Decorbox stickers are delivered to you ready to apply packed with plastic squeegee. They are also covered with semitransparent transfer paper which helps you to put the whole sticker on the wall without risking to rumple and damage it and keeping its surface clean at the same time. Our stickers can be applied to different surfaces like smooth walls, glass, mirrors, metal, wood, flat furniture,

how apply wall stickers1. Before placing the sticker on wall or any other surface make sure there is no dust or other dirt. Remove any small unevenness, clean it with a damp cloth and leave it to dry.

* If your walls are freshly painted it is a good idea to wait at least two weeks before applying any stickers

2. Take the measurements and decide where exactly you want to place your sticker. You can make small marks with pencil to make sure you keep it levelled. You can easily erase them later with an eraser rubber.

how-to-23. Put the sticker on a flat solid surface with the transfer film on top and apply firm even pressure over the sticker through the transfer film using the provided squeegee. This is to make sure that the sticker sticks well on the transfer paper.

4. Fix the sticker on the place using masking tape on the top end. Half of the tape should be on the transfer paper and other half on the wall.

how-to-35. Take both top ends of the backing paper and start carefully peeling it off. Make sure all parts of the sticker stay on the transfer film. If something stays on the paper pul it back up, make few passes with plastic squeegee and continue.

how-to-46. Peel off about 20cm and then start sticking by using the plastic squeegee. Use short firm movements from top to bottom and from middle to the sides. In this way you will avoid leaving air bubbles and wrinkling the sticker. If by any chance you leave any bubbles or wrinkles you can carefully unstick by  holding both sides and pulling upward and then smooth back.

how-to-57. Repeat the procedure of peeling off and sticking few times till completely remove the backing paper and apply the sticker. If you feel yourself more confident you can peel off bigger parts of the backing paper and if you have somebody to help you you can even remove the whole back at once and then one of you is pulling downwards the bottom ends of the transfer film holding it 5 – 6cm away from the wall and  the other is sticking with the plastic squeegee.


8. After removing the whole backing paper and applying the sticker make few firm passes with the plastic squeegee over the transfer film to be sure sticker is sticks well on the wall. Don’t worry to apply more pressure as the transfer film is durable enough.

how-to-79. Now start removing the transfer film from top by holding its both corners. Try keeping your hands closer to the wall and your motion is downward but not towards you. This will avoid leaving some parts of the sticker on the transfer film. If this happens just smooth back and make few passes with the plastic squeegee then continue peeling off till completely removing it.

how-to-810. Some stickers may have additional parts. For this purpose they are covered with a fully transparent transfer film which allows you finely adjusting  their position.

how-to-911. When the sticker and all additional parts are completely applied do check for some parts left unstuck and gently press them with the squeegee to make sure the are well on the wall. You can use a domestic hairdryer to warm it and pass one more time with plastic squeegee. This step is necessary only if you apply your sticker on a cold wall or in a damp room. Please be careful with the hot air – it can melt your sticker. Keep the hairdryer 15-20cm away from the surface and do not hold it on one place for more then 3-4 seconds. Be careful with the plastic squeegee as it can damage the surface of the sticker. To avoid this you can wrap the squeegee in a soft thin cloth.


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