Feb 172013

Google’s beautiful new office space in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Camenzind Evolution, in collaboration with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal. This impressive 8,000 sq.m campus occupies 8 floors in Electra Tower with stunning views to the city. It is a tipical example of the new trend in office environment design where creating natural and “non-office” look makes people working there feel much more relaxed, inspired and happy and thus increasing their desire to spend more time in office and improving business results.

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Nov 232012

This may look like a room satellite dish, but it is actually a new concept in sound. Built-in invisible speakers create “Superior sound big enough to fill even the most spacious loft” as claimed by the manufacturers - Danish company Bang & Olufsen. Interestingly the music can be played by every device as a phone, tablet or music player equipped with a wireless transmitter standard Apple Airplay or DLNA, and the standard USB port of course. Controling the volume is as simple as swiping your hand across the top sensor. Mounting options are two – on the ground by three wooden legs or hung on a wall. On purchase there are options for 6 colors of the front and three types of wood for the legs so that it fits perfectly with your interior.

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Sep 082012

If you are a mountain sports enthusiast, addicted to expanses of white snow and can afford a 5* accomodation then this is the place for you! Hotel AltaPura or The Highest Skipalace as they call themselves is situated at an altitude of 2,300 m in the Val Thorens resort and combines the perfect conditions for skiing, breathtaking 360° views and uniquely designed atmosphere including rooms, restaurants, bars, spa, common spaces. Add hi-tech environment as a Mac mini in each room, interactive touch screens and iPad/iPhone docs in the common areas and you get the perfect place for your active winter break. Enjoy the images and wish everyone could go there for at least a week!

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