V-shaped toaster

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Mar 222013

This original  toaster and double bladed Y-shaped knife with different spreads textures designed by Israel-based designer Zlil Lazarovich solve two problems at once – first, the “double dipping” problem so you won’t pollute the two jars and  second, the Murphy’s law about the bread falling always with the spread side down won’t be such a big issue any more.

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Pen for 3D drawing

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Feb 222013

With this new invention you can do almost all the things that you could do with a 3D printer. It is not that precise but on the other side it is not restricted in the dimentions as printers are … so the oen is in your hands

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Hanging Cat Cuddle Pod

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Feb 072013

We all know how much we love to spoil our pets. This hanging bed from Plow & Hearth however, will surely make them feel like real people.

hanging cat cuddle pod

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New flooring material by Bolon and Missoni

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Jan 192013

Swedish company Bolon is known for its specific flooring made of woven acrylic thread. It is produced in rolls or tiles similar to linoleum and stuck to the floor, but has completely different vision and feeling. I personally had the opportunity to see it live at one of the exhibitions of the design festival in London and even took a samples book with the new collection designed by the Italian fashion brand MISSONI. Bolon floors are very durable as the warranty is 10 years and can be used both at home and in offices and commercial buildings. In my opinion, though the true beauty of pattern and material is revealed in large areas where you can see it from afar or from a higher level. The material can also be installed on walls and ceilings which gives designers complete freedom of imagination. On the website of Bolon you can see videos for installation and maintenance.

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A9 – Just add music …

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Nov 232012

This may look like a room satellite dish, but it is actually a new concept in sound. Built-in invisible speakers create “Superior sound big enough to fill even the most spacious loft” as claimed by the manufacturers – Danish company Bang & Olufsen. Interestingly the music can be played by every device as a phone, tablet or music player equipped with a wireless transmitter standard Apple Airplay or DLNA, and the standard USB port of course. Controling the volume is as simple as swiping your hand across the top sensor. Mounting options are two – on the ground by three wooden legs or hung on a wall. On purchase there are options for 6 colors of the front and three types of wood for the legs so that it fits perfectly with your interior.

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CABLE furniture

Oct 172012

Simple, colourful, beautiful, affordable. It’s playtime for grown-ups. “I wanted to create an affordable range of British designed and produced furniture which is truly flexible to a modern living and working environment.  CABLE does this – you can choose your own colour sequences, you can easily assemble and reassemble it at will, and it takes up minimal space when not in use “

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On-line tools for choosing your own colour scheme

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Aug 232012

Everyone happened to fall into the dilemma of choosing the color of the room, furniture, textiles for home styling. Even more difficult is when you need to combine several colors in the correct proportions to have a corresponding effect and do not irritate the eye. New technologies for the production of materials make the task virtually impossible for someone who hasn’t at least small experience in combining numerous patterns, colors, veneers, paints and coatings. Therefore, even designers nowadays tend to the use of applications that offer color combinations based on a set color and choice of one of the basic rules for combining colors:

Monochromatic scheme – using darker and lighter shades of the selected color adding black or white to it;

monochromatic colour scheme


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Exterior Wallpeper?! WTF

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Jul 132012

Yes, there is such thing already! Italian company Wall&Deco known with its large format interior wallpapers and wall prints used by designers to decorata big walls in hotels restaurants and privat houses has now developed a 3 component system for exterior wallpaper application. System consists of special adhesive, technical textile and protective finish. Just imagine how our cities will look like in 10 years time … cool

exterior wallpaper 1

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