Dec 082011

Impressed by this super down to earth dude who I had the chance to meet ¬†and to listen in the V&A museum in London recently I share his studio website and the interview which is about an hour long but deserves each minute. The most significant words I will never forget were ” When I see a falling star in the sky I do not wish anything for me but to have the opportunity to give something to somebody in a need, as I am fully aware of what extraordinary chance I’ve been given to become what I am at the moment and I need nothing else”

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Nov 122009

As a proud parent of two children I have quite many times ran against problems which solving was beyond my skills and experience. Regarding the growing and proper nurture of children there are always popping up questions that need competent answers. Unfortunately the adults are not born with the knowledge to be parents but they learn lifetime and every responsible and dedicated to its family person should not ignore even the minute concern. In the pursuit of perfection we take advice from every possible source – books, blogs,web pages, forums, friends and relatives. But how one can rely on finding the right response in a particular situation? For my great pleasure I found that in the town where I live – Varna, Bulgaria -there is a recently founded center called¬† “Integral Parents”.head_bckg3

What is this meaning and more information about this project I took from the founder – Dr. Elia Kostova, a specialist in Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine.

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Oct 052009

Miryana Koinova is a positive and magnetic young Bulgarian painter, born on the 22nd of December 1984 in the town of Dobrich. She spent her childhood in Krasen village near to Romanian border where she shaped her attitude and feeling to world and life. At the moment Miryana is working as a pedagogue and teacher in arts and ethics in the primary Bulgarian culture school “King Simeon I” in Sladka Voda village near Varna, Bulgaria.


When were you first interested in the art?

My affinity to the arts comes from my two grandmothers – one was tailor and the other weaver.

How did you start painting?

My elder sister is a painter too and I’ve always admired her works. When I was a small girl my mother used to take me to different kind of schools till she found my talent and helped me to develop it.

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