Organic Art

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Mar 172013

Klari Reis uses reflective epoxy polymer on these hand painted petri dishes to depict electron microscopic images of organic and non-organic cellular reactions. She started the project thedailydish2013 where she is going to post a new painting every day of the year.

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Sebastian Cox – “Sustainable design doesn’t need to be boring”

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Dec 112012

I am a designer and maker with a strong belief that sustainable design does not have to result in a boring or compromised product. I hand make simple and elegant pieces which have won awards, and are recognised for their imaginative use of an underused resource – coppiced hazel.

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MacMaster Design – creative lighting and furniture

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Dec 062012

Alex MacMaster launched ‘MacMaster’ in 2009 specialising in contemporary lighting and furniture products. The creative studio is run by award winning designers, Alex MacMaster and Limahl Asmall who share a passion for exemplary design and an appreciation of the many time-constraints busy clients are burdened with. MacMaster’s exclusively ‘hand-made to order’ approach offers shorter lead times and a streamlined service from initiation to receipt of delivery.

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Marcel Wanders for M&S

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Nov 282012

On 13th October M&S launched an exciting new Christmas product range under creative direction of Marcel Wanders. The ‘Marcel Wanders for M&S’ collection is a cohesive gifting range that includes men’s and women’s accessories, cakes and confectionary, cosmetics, Christmas decorations and homewares. The collection comprises over 150 uniquely designed gifts with the Marcel Wanders gift shop present in 60 stores nationwide and on-line.

“I wanted to create a new collection of personal objects from my heart to you. Design allows us to reach out and inspire and I am so pleased M&S have joined me in my quest to make beautiful design accessible for everyone.” – Marcel Wanders

Nice objects and nice imajes we would say …

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Melanie Porter knitted art

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Nov 162012

After 10 years working as a knitwear designer for a number of international fashion brands, in 2008 Melanie Porter turned her expertise to furniture, creating one-off contemporary designs from antiques sourced at auctions and markets across the UK.

Trained at the prestigious Central Saint Martin’s College, Melanie’s ability to create exquisite, textured fabrics which are individually knitted and felted for every project has drawn attention from clients and press all over the world.

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Knitted Textiles by Claire-Anne O’Brien

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Nov 132012

Originally from Co.Cork, Ireland, Claire-Anne O’Brien is a textile designer based in East London. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2006 with a BA in Textiles, Claire-Anne went on to gain an MA in Knitted Textiles at the Royal College of Art in 2010. In 2011 she recieved the Future Makers Award from the Crafts Council of Ireland.

With a sculptural approach to textiles, Claire-Anne explores form, construction and scale through the unique properties of knitted fabrics.

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Straight Line Designs

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Nov 082012

Straight Line Designs works with a variety of clients to create custom, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and installations. Always keeping functionality in the forefront of his work, designer Judson Beaumont can add personality and life to any space.

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CABLE furniture

Oct 172012

Simple, colourful, beautiful, affordable. It’s playtime for grown-ups. “I wanted to create an affordable range of British designed and produced furniture which is truly flexible to a modern living and working environment.  CABLE does this – you can choose your own colour sequences, you can easily assemble and reassemble it at will, and it takes up minimal space when not in use “

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Philip Watts Design studio

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Oct 162012

Philip Watts Design is a creative design and build team based in Nottingham, UK. Founded in 1993, PWD has successfully designed over 500 products, worked on over 100 interior projects, and completed 150 unique bespoke installations world wide.

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