V-shaped toaster

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Mar 222013

This original  toaster and double bladed Y-shaped knife with different spreads textures designed by Israel-based designer Zlil Lazarovich solve two problems at once – first, the “double dipping” problem so you won’t pollute the two jars and  second, the Murphy’s law about the bread falling always with the spread side down won’t be such a big issue any more.

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Organic Art

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Mar 172013

Klari Reis uses reflective epoxy polymer on these hand painted petri dishes to depict electron microscopic images of organic and non-organic cellular reactions. She started the project thedailydish2013 where she is going to post a new painting every day of the year.

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Pen for 3D drawing

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Feb 222013

With this new invention you can do almost all the things that you could do with a 3D printer. It is not that precise but on the other side it is not restricted in the dimentions as printers are … so the oen is in your hands

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Summer dreams

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Feb 212013

Helpless from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

This movie was actually created by editing thousands of consecutive photographies. The interesting thing here is usage of a “tilt shift” lenses which creates the feeling of observing a miniatures world. Song is really nice as well … so enjoy and dream the upcoming summer.

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Google offices in Tel Aviv

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Feb 172013

Google’s beautiful new office space in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Camenzind Evolution, in collaboration with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal. This impressive 8,000 sq.m campus occupies 8 floors in Electra Tower with stunning views to the city. It is a tipical example of the new trend in office environment design where creating natural and “non-office” look makes people working there feel much more relaxed, inspired and happy and thus increasing their desire to spend more time in office and improving business results.

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Vanilla mascarpone cream

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Feb 102013

Looking in my fridge today I found a box of mascarpone lying unused on the shelf, so a wonderful idea striked me to combine the reach creamy mascarpone with my favourite raspberries.You can achieve an amazing blend and rich creaminess when you mix the yolk cream with the mascarpone, which combined with the juicy and sour raspberries bring the taste up to heaven. Finally attach of fresh basil and raw almonds makes it hole. Continue reading »

Hanging Cat Cuddle Pod

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Feb 072013

We all know how much we love to spoil our pets. This hanging bed from Plow & Hearth however, will surely make them feel like real people.

hanging cat cuddle pod

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New flooring material by Bolon and Missoni

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Jan 192013

Swedish company Bolon is known for its specific flooring made of woven acrylic thread. It is produced in rolls or tiles similar to linoleum and stuck to the floor, but has completely different vision and feeling. I personally had the opportunity to see it live at one of the exhibitions of the design festival in London and even took a samples book with the new collection designed by the Italian fashion brand MISSONI. Bolon floors are very durable as the warranty is 10 years and can be used both at home and in offices and commercial buildings. In my opinion, though the true beauty of pattern and material is revealed in large areas where you can see it from afar or from a higher level. The material can also be installed on walls and ceilings which gives designers complete freedom of imagination. On the website of Bolon you can see videos for installation and maintenance.

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